Call and Response

This Sunday, May 7, we launch into a new sermon series entitled “Call and Response.” This twelve-week series in the first fifteen chapters of the book of Exodus will look at the dialogue between God and man and the action those conversations provoke. Not only that, but we’ll also have the opportunity to see how God’s people respond to the cry of a culture that is increasingly threatened by them and ultimately determined to see them destroyed.

Join us as we study a period in the history of God’s people where they cried out to Him in desperation, heard His voice in reply, and most importantly, moved in response to His direction. Come prepared to not only think deeply about God and His expectation of us but also to immediately apply the lessons learned to your position living in a culture that, in many ways, does not know or care about your God.

If that weren’t enough, each week we will also see glimpses of the beautiful ways in which the saving work of Christ is foreshadowed on every page of the Old Testament. If you have friends and neighbors who do not know the Lord Jesus, invite them to join us for this study and let’s be praying together that God will draw them to Himself!

God bless, and hopefully I’ll see you on Sunday.

Darin McWatters
Senior Pastor


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