Love Your City 2017 Recap

Thank you EvFree for your participation in our city-wide serve day! This event helps us change how people think about us, both inside and outside the church. Inside the church because we are reminded of what happens when we step outside the walls of our building and bring our worship of the King out into the community as we serve Him with acts of love and kindness.

This event also changes how people outside the church view us. They see the Church united, working together for the common good of our cities. They participate alongside us and hear our stories of why we love our cities. Doctrinal differences do not matter on this day. It creates a platform to show a different and appealing view of the church in action, as the community sees and experiences how we love and care for others in Jesus’ name.

Here is some of feedback we received from the community:

One principal reported, “Our experience with Love Fullerton this year was incredible! The volunteers dove in and assembled dozens of pieces of furniture, cleaned and painted our walls, and did massive cleaning all to give our teachers a new teachers’ lounge. The teachers have been blown away! Some quotes have been, ‘I am so grateful I worked long enough to see this lounge become so beautiful,’ ‘I want to stay in this room all day’ and ‘I feel like this is an actual professional lounge and it makes me feel valued as a teacher!’ The work the volunteers did on our campus improved our morale and prepared us to finish the year strong! Thank you for all you did!”

One church reported on their time at a local school: “At the end of the work day, we gathered around the principal and asked if we could pray for her as she is new to the school this year. She was so moved and touched by the gesture that she began to cry and shared ways they could support and encourage her.”

Another leader wrote, “At Sunny Crest, we were welcomed and accommodated by the staff. The residents enjoyed bowling, listening to the accordion, eating homemade cookies and playing games with the volunteers! Our church is going to keep working with Carmen, the Sunny Crest activities coordinator, to support her with other projects, keep up with visitations and special events. Thank you again for the opportunity!”

Check out some photos below and more highlights here.

Jay Williams
OC United

Photos below are courtesy of Philip Solomone.

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