Become a Spy This Summer and Join the Story

Ever since I was a little girl I dreamed of becoming a secret agent. I wanted to be an international spy, constantly changing my disguise and helping save countless lives and entire countries. Isn’t that every little girl’s dream? Alright, maybe not, but you can probably understand that this year’s Adventure Week theme of International Spy Academy is a dream come true for me. However, Adventure Week is more than fulfilling my lifelong spy aspirations.

My experience with Adventure Week has generally consisted of me wearing various costumes, including a unicorn hat or rubber ducky pajamas. To an onlooker, one could assume that playing games and doing crazy activities is the content of Adventure Week. However, that could not be farther from the truth, as this is a week centralized on the saving grace of the gospel message and proclaiming the name of Jesus.

Through generations, this week has continuously brought people from various walks of life together. People who have never met before will be working side by side; all for the goal of helping kids know and love Jesus. We are overwhelmingly grateful for volunteers who give their time and energy to love on kids for a week, creating lifelong memories. Some volunteers give their time because it was during a week much like this that they first heard about Jesus, and they are passionate about giving kids the same opportunity. Generations of families will be here together, some serving snacks, others helping kids memorize Bible verses for the first time, and regardless of what their role is, they all come in awe of the work God will be doing here.

The thought of over 1,200 kids on EvFree’s campus is a little crazy! And yet, we are both excited and expectant of the amazing things God will do during Adventure Week. This week is certainly about these precious kiddos experiencing Jesus and deepening their faith, but it is also so much bigger than just the kids. It is about those who have painted signs, donated snacks, and prayed consistently. It is about those who handed out flyers or told neighbors. It is about the child that attends who never knew how much God loved them. It is about the kids that come and for the first time they feel acceptance and joy. It is about the kids who are excited about their faith and share with their friends and neighbors. It is about the incredible truth that Jesus deeply loves us and us stepping into the call to proclaim this truth. Become an international spy this summer and join the amazing story!

Click here to learn more about Adventure Week, July 10–14, register your child(ren) and sign up to serve.

Cassie Koepf
5th/6th Grade Director

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