Celebrating Our Granddaughter’s Salvation

This story was originally written in August 2016.

We have a new granddaughter and she’s 11 years old. Our son married a woman with a child from a previous relationship. She’s unfamiliar with church as it hadn’t been a part of her life, so we were a little surprised that she agreed to attend Vacation Bible School this past July. As the week went by, we heard she was having fun and was excited to deck herself out all over with purple to show her group colors, but we hadn’t talked with her about it until a few days ago.

We were doing a puzzle together when she casually mentioned that she went to that “church thing—the camp thing.” We told her we knew about that, and let her continue. What she said next was exhilarating. She said, “They told us that we could have God in our life. I had never heard anything like that before.” She continued, “When they asked if anyone wanted to pray to let God into their life, I wanted to, so I said that prayer. You know, I would have done it a long time ago if I had only known!”

Then she told us she wants to be a “mission.” We’re pretty sure she meant “missionary” (rather than something like the old buildings in San Juan Capistrano). Isn’t it fun to hear someone who doesn’t know “church lingo” tell about their first experience of getting to know Him?

Here’s a follow-up: She visited her biological father who lives in another state, and during that visit she told her dad about the prayer she prayed. She said he was very happy about it. She also told us that during VBS, her friend, a boy who apparently has attended EvFree for years, also prayed at the same time. She said she thought he was a “big Christian” because he attended here already, but he told her that he had never prayed that prayer before and it was his first time also.

So for those who work so hard at VBS and for anyone wondering if it’s worth all the effort, time, expense, and logistical craziness that’s caused by this one-week invasion of hundreds of kids at EvFree—take it from a couple of new grandparents celebrating their granddaughter’s salvation: Yes! Yes! Yes!

—Shared by Alex and Don Flecky

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