Celebrating “Wins” for the Kingdom

Well the heat of summer is upon us and that means many of our students are preparing for and anticipating a great week of summer camp. I don’t know about you, but for me (and many others), summer camp was the place that I surrendered my life to Jesus. It was in the top row of the outdoor amphitheater during the closing worship set, surrounded by my friends, with the smell of the camp fire and the internal wrestling in my soul, that I stayed behind, waiting to be approached by a leader who would walk me through the conversation and action of trusting my life to Christ and asking Him to be my Lord and Savior.

Summer camp creates a unique atmosphere for the Holy Spirit to move and reach the hearts of kids and students as they step away from the routine at home and enter the beauty of God’s creation in the mountains, live amongst their friends and leaders in a tight cabin environment, and have endless opportunities to respond to the good news of Jesus. Some kids get stretched in their faith as they learn to trust and depend on the Lord more fully, some get challenged to surrender areas of their lives that are keeping them from a growing relationship with God, and some experience the grace and love of Christ for the very first time. We would consider all of these things “WINS” and each year at camp we gather our staff together to rejoice and celebrate the numerous ways He has worked in the lives of our students to produce “wins” for the kingdom.

Would you join as a body to pray for our students as they head out? Would you intercede and ask the Lord to protect our students, provide safe travels, and give us a safe week at camp? Would you faithfully ask that God would work powerfully to draw the hearts of students to Himself? Would you plead for transformation as the Holy Spirit moves mightily up at Hume Lake and Forest Home? And would you be ready to celebrate “wins” with us as we return and share stories of the faithfulness of our God? We are so grateful to all of you for your prayers and support! We look forward to telling the stories!

5th/6th Grade Camp – Forest Home – Sunday, June 18–Friday, June 23
JH and HS Camp – Hume Lake – Sunday, June 25–Saturday, July 1

Scott Belon
Pastor to Students and Families


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