Time to Jump Up

So, I’m told that this Sunday is “Jump Up” Sunday, which means that all our kids are getting promoted to their new classes! When I was little I always loved this Sunday for several reasons. First, everybody got to move up regardless of how well they’d done in the previous class, so unlike actual school, I didn’t have to worry about whether or not I was gonna flunk. Second, it was always exciting to move into the class of the older kids I’d looked up to. They always seemed like they were doing MUCH cooler stuff than I was doing in my little kid class. Third, it was always nice to start fresh with a new teacher who hadn’t been subjected to my habitual naughtiness, and didn’t seem like she wanted to cry when my parents dropped me off. Plus there was typically some kind of “welcome” snack, which is always a win for the husky kid.

All that to say, this is an exciting Sunday for our kids, our teachers and leaders, and all of us who have children and grandchildren involved in our family ministry. Please be praying during this transitional time that God would continue to use this vital ministry to draw young people to Himself through evangelism and discipleship. I am SO thankful for all of our teachers, leaders, helpers, and staff who work so diligently to provide the highest level of family ministry here at EvFree. Let’s all be praying for God to bless them for their hard work and sacrifices in the past, and for the days of exemplary service still ahead. Let’s also be praying that none of them have to deal with the equivalent of 2nd Grade Darin McWatters.

You know, Jump Up Sunday doesn’t just have to be for our children. There are many ways in which all of us need to be considering how God is calling us to “jump up” as well. Maybe you’ve been a casual observer in the main services, but the time has come for you to jump up into an Adult Fellowship, Bible study, or small group. Maybe you’ve been a consumer at EvFree for a long time, and the day has come for you to jump up into serving as an usher, greeter, classroom volunteer, parking lot team member, nursery worker, or any one of the other numerous responsibilities where God’s people can make an offering to God of their time and talents. Maybe you’re actively involved in worship, service, and discipleship here at church, but it’s time to jump up into reaching out to your neighbors, our city, or even the world.

Let’s all refuse to allow ourselves to be held back, and instead consider how God might be wanting to jump us up into something that will stretch us in new and spectacular ways!

God bless you this week, and I look forward to hearing what kinds of growth He promotes in you in the days and weeks ahead.

Darin McWatters
Senior Pastor

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