A Long Time Coming

We are excited to tell you that in the next few months the D-Amphitheater will be receiving a facilities improvement. Because of the generosity of our church family this last year we set aside funds to do some much needed renovations around campus.

If you’ve ever been into the D-Amp you’ll probably agree that it is much in need of a makeover. It has served us well, but it hasn’t seen much love in the last few decades. We have spent the last few months praying, planning, getting bids, and working up the new plans for the space and we are hoping to have those plans approved and to begin work in late August or early September. This space will become the new home to Kids Ministry. We want our 1st–6th graders and their parents to have a space that is welcoming, fun, and well designed.

The work will include completely demoing out the lower D-building space and re-orienting the room to work better for our Kids Ministry and others. No longer will kids walk in the room from behind the stage! The carpet has survived thousands of spills, crumbs, and dirty feet and is ready to be replaced. We will also be covering all the exposed cinder block with new drywall and acoustical paneling. There will be a more inviting lobby space that provides improved clarity for parents to clearly check their kids in. We will have an open and exposed ceiling that will help the space feel more open and inviting.

Even as we go about this remodel we are reminded that buildings are just buildings. The end goal isn’t just to create a nice space. There is no eternal value in a structure itself. Our goal is to provide a great room that is conducive for Kids Ministry and allows us to minister without distractions. When we dream about the space we don’t just dream about new carpet and paint, but about how to best provide a space for our kids to continue to hear the good news of Jesus for decades to come.

We look forward to all that is ahead and we will continue to update you throughout the process.

For the gospel!

Joel Elwood
Assistant Executive Pastor

P.S. The image above is a rendering of the type of space that we’re designing.


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