Is It Worth It All?

As a church family we see the parade of teams come to the platform on Sundays and be prayed for before they leave for some distant land. Do you ever ask, “Is it worth it all?” I do and I’m the Missions Pastor. Sending these teams is a big investment of our church’s personnel and financial resources. Inviting folks to go is a BIG ASK that involves sacrifice on many levels from individuals and families. So why do we keep sending?

First, it is biblical. Jesus said, “As the Father has sent me, so send I you.” After His resurrection He told His disciples to “Go into all the world and preach the Gospel.” Jesus modeled and commanded us to have an outward view. God’s hope for the world is not government, spreading wealth or perfect health. God’s hope for the world is His children being transformed by the Spirit of God and bearing witness to others. We go because God asks us to.

Second, going is a part of being a disciple. Going on a short-term mission is unique to any other travel. We are inviting people into a discipleship journey to be in community, serve sacrificially and return on mission. This takes preparation, sacrifice and commitment. These acts of discipline mold our hearts and character to be more like Jesus.

Third, sending teams transforms lives. Our team to Madrid returned this week from working in a Friendship Center. This vision of starting 20 Friendship Centers in neighborhoods in Europe teeming with refugees creates a place where families who have lost everything and are fleeing the war can find rest, food, learn language and a new trade all in the love and name of Jesus and His followers. This team that used building and construction skills helped finish the first of these Friendship Centers and testified that there is God who loves them and has a plan for their lives.

Our high school team of 21 seniors and six leaders is currently embedded in two cities of Ukraine at campsites with youth that are disillusioned and without hope or knowledge of Jesus in a country where there has been so much political and military uncertainty. The idea that American students would come and hang out with them teaching English and music and talking about their God is such a huge statement of faith. We are praying that some of those Ukrainian students will find faith in Jesus this week.

We have more teams to come: Belgium, Mongolia, Tanzania, Rwanda, Sweden, and Vietnam. They need our prayer and financial support. The team to Stockholm in September still needs participants who can help in video filming, editing and training for a vibrant growing church planting movement.

So it is worth it all? You decide and join in where you can.

Dan Crane
Missions & Community Groups

Click here to learn how you can join the Stockholm team or support the teams financially or through prayer. Email for more info.



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