Misson Complete

Last week, agents of all ages descended on our campus to be a part of our International Spy Academy a.k.a. Adventure Week. If anyone was looking for the evidence of God’s fingerprints during the week, they didn’t have to look far. Counselors and kids marching around campus dressed in a wide variety of themed attire, connecting with each other through activities like using giant fidget spinners to learn about the trinity or learning to spot the difference between the real thing and a counterfeit. Grandparent guides helping offering words of encouragement as agents traveled from station to station. Our fearless registration teams graciously and patiently dealing with all types of agent issues. Hospitality hosts keeping everyone well fed. Parking professionals keeping traffic flowing smoothly. Station leads shining light on the many attributes of God through missions, recreation, crafts, memory verse games and times of connection. It was one of the best examples I have seen of an intergenerational faith community coming together to love others in a real and relational way and the impact was apparent on the faces of all our young agents.

On Thursday, these dear ones heard the gospel presentation and were given an invitation to accept the gift of salvation. The stories of what happened in that moment are still pouring in, but I wanted to share just one of them from our own Connie Hutchinson:

Yesterday after the plan of salvation was presented, one of my quiet little girls came up to me for a hug and whispered “I almost cried when I heard the talk.” When she arrived this morning for our last day, she shyly handed me a piece of red construction paper with two hearts on it that she made out of foil with the words: God loves us. Her mom waited to be the last one to pick up this “special agent” today. She wanted to thank me for this week and was excited to say that her daughter came home yesterday and shared:  “I almost cried today because I heard that Jesus died for me. He now is in my heart.” I gave this precious little girl a big hug and confirmed that yes, Jesus died for her. I assured her that Jesus would be with her forever and she smiled and said “I don’t need to ask Him again!”

What a precious gift to know that because God’s people showed up, loved others as God loves them and set the stage for the Holy Spirit to work, hundreds of agents walked away with God’s fingerprints on their hearts just like this little girl. Mission possible indeed.

Check out the recap video and pictures from the week below!

Nikki Bridegeford

Kids & Young Families

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