Modern Faith Anchored by Ancient Truth

We live in exciting and ever-changing times, don’t we? While there is much that feels familiar and recognizable, there is also a steady stream of innovative technology, philosophy and culture that is cropping up all around us. For instance, did you know that recently post-millennials had started using parking garages as waterslides? It’s true. (As in our very own junior highers last week!)

Well, as I’ve said to many of you before, I strongly believe that the most effective way for us to lean deeply into this new and constantly changing future is by anchoring ourselves firmly in timeless truth revealed in the past. By understanding the road we have traveled, we see more clearly how to glorify God and love our neighbors on the road ahead.

It is with that mindset that I am proud to announce our brand new sermon series entitled Hebrews: Modern Faith Anchored by Ancient Truth. Beginning on August 27th and running all the way through May of next year, we will be studying the book of Hebrews verse by verse in an effort to understand the book’s warnings against spiritual drift and its encouragement to fix our eyes on Jesus as the ultimate anchor for our souls.

As we increasingly encounter a culture that neither understands our love for Christ nor the purposes for our gatherings, it should be a fun study that answers many of the fundamental questions about who we are and why our faith in Jesus matters. Since you have family members, co-workers and neighbors who have questions about who Jesus is and why we worship Him,

I encourage you to invite them to join us for this new study!

I’ve been excited about this series, not only for its relevance to the growing ambivalence of our culture, but also because of its immediate relevance to those of us within the church. Please pray with me that as we study, the Holy Spirit will reveal to us the places where we have become spiritually careless or started to focus on peripheral things rather than on Christ. I am praying that the series will serve as a starting point for renewal and revival, even among those of us who have been following Christ for years.

Additionally, our Ears to Hear writers will be focusing their reflections on the book of Hebrews. We are also launching new sermon-based discussion groups called “Plug In groups” on Sunday mornings in the Commons for those who want to go deeper in conversation and in community at EvFree.

So grab your Bibles and get a jump start this week by reading the book of Hebrews and asking God to prepare your heart and the hearts of those in our church and our neighborhoods for what He has ahead for us all from His Word.

Darin McWatters

Senior Pastor

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