Cash for Building Renovations

There is a great saying, “I’ll pay cash, no debt please.” I like that saying. Though I use credit cards for many purchases (and get lots of free airline tickets in the process), Tami and I pay off credit cards in full each month. We at EvFree are doing the same with our renovation projects. In the fiscal year that ended on April 30, 2017, the church ‘socked away’ money for our needed facility updates. Though you may see in eNews that we are behind in our budget, we have the cash reserves to proceed with the updates. Yet, there is still room for more renovations to be done, so give as you can.

The Room Formerly Called D-Amp

Just like renovating a kitchen in your home, D-Amp has turned up some surprises that needed attention:

      •The 40-year old air conditioning system needed a total replacement.

      •Two metal supporting posts required doubling, welding and footer supports. The renovation brought to light the need for this structural upgrade.

      •Much of the audio-visual equipment needs updating.

For these reasons, the Elders approved the 2017 Thanksgiving offering to go toward the extra costs for the room. In order for Kids Church (KC) to use the room by December 1, we are moving forward with the renovation. Yet, give as you can to support these “surprises that needed attention.” Mark your donation with “Thanksgiving Offering” or by texting “thanksgiving” to 714-699-9994.

A & B Buildings

We knew that the renovations to these 40-year old buildings would take time … days and months of volunteer leaders and staff in discussion, options, planning and receiving bids.

For the A & B buildings, we will move forward in January 2018 with the following:

      •New or repaired second-floor decking, railings and wrought iron work.

      •Refinish the wood classroom doors and add new locking hardware. Install new dual pane windows, similar to the Commons.

      •Replace much of the siding with stucco in the upper portions and a smooth kid-friendly ceramic tile in the lower portions.

Already underway are electrical upgrades to accommodate other needed upgrades, such as the elevator (the elevator upgrade is also in progress).

Again, if you would like to donate to these much needed A & B building upgrades, mark your donation with “Future Building Fund” or donate via text by texting “futurebuilding” to 714-699-9994.

Timing & Costs

With a church as busy as ours, timing of renovations is always a challenge. We moved Kids Church (KC) out of the D-Amp for the fall. We need to schedule the A & B buildings so as to minimize issues with our weekday preschool and other groups.

Lots of planning is being done by teams of leaders. Thanks to all for their great work so far!

Costs are being carefully controlled through sifting “wants” from “needs.” Multiple bids are used. Congregational leaders are reviewing the plans and bids. This is a solid process.

Yes, we have the cash to do the most needed work. As you continue to participate financially, we will extend the amount of renovations that we can do!



David Fletcher

Executive Pastor & Elder

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