What’s on the Other Side of the Fence?

Next door to my new house is one of those oil pumps that looks like a praying mantis. All day and all night that thing goes up and down, pulling resources from the earth right on the other side of my fence. It seems crazy to be so close to something so valuable and yet to have no access to it. So my kids and I have begun work on a tunnel in our backyard that will allow us to lay hold a few barrels of crude from time to time, when we need extra cash for the movies or whatever.

In my opening few months at EvFree I’ve noticed a similar resource that sits incredibly close to everything we do, and yet in many ways is still largely untapped.

I am talking about intergenerational relationships. Our church is amazingly blessed with Christ followers of all ages, ethnicities and economic backgrounds. This diversity of background and faith, perception and wisdom, joy and sorrow can be an unlimited wealth of understanding and experience as long as it is shared across the aisle. Unfortunately though, like the oil pump behind my fence, we have cordoned ourselves into narrow groups of similar age or experience, and therefore stifled our potential for expansive mentoring and discipleship.

So I would like to propose we build a system of tunnels connecting every age group in our church with the others, and opening up a channel to one of the greatest untapped resources of our church: Our shared wisdom, experience and understanding of the Lord Jesus.

The proposed tunnel system is called our Connections Ministry, and as many of you already know, we’ve hired Kelsey Crowe as our new Connections Director. Over the coming weeks and months, Kelsey and her team will be launching a series of events, programs and gatherings designed specifically to facilitate intergenerational discipleship and communication.

I would like to respectfully ask that each and every one of you consider how you can be more closely connected to others in our church who don’t fit into your comfortable demographic, and then take steps to engage. This engagement should include participation in some of our Connections events, praying for and supporting Kelsey in her new role, and even doing some creative thinking on your own about ways to broaden your connectivity. If you’d like to reach out to Kelsey for more information you can email her at

And don’t worry, my kids and I aren’t really digging a tunnel. I can barely get them to finish their asparagus; there’s no chance I’m going to get them to dig a tunnel after school.

God bless you this week as you focus your eyes on our unequaled and undiminished Christ!


Darin McWatters

Senior Pastor & Elder

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