Generosity at Year-End

Each year at EvFree, our congregation is especially generous in their year-end giving. This helps further our church’s ministry into the next calendar year. Thank you so much for your part in that.

Our church steps out in faith . . . sending 200 people to Love Europe, Christmas Blvd. & A Walk Through Bethlehem, Special Needs, Kids & Youth, Ears to Hear, and so many more ministries.

Be fully in at EvFree with your time, talents and giving. Especially at year end, your financial gifts are needed to fuel ministry. Celebrate the joy of Jesus’ grain market words that “good measure, pressed down, is flowing over . . .”

For contributions to be tax-deductible this year, they need to be:

  • Postmarked by December 30, 2017
  • Brought to the church upstairs “A” building mail slot by midnight, December 31, 2017
  • Made online by midnight, December 31, 2017

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