Thanksgiving Offering—The Room Formerly Called D-Amp

The Thanksgiving Offering for 2017 will go toward the renovation of the room formerly called D-Amp. This is a cash project, no debt. Yes, there is still opportunity for you to give and participate. Just put “Thanksgiving Offering” on your check.

D-Amp has been housing ministry for 40 years. Generations of kids, youth, families and older saints have been there. Imagine the decades of spilled Kool-Aid and crumbs of Chips Ahoy cookies. Consider the games and fun events from over 14,000 days of use! Think of the years of Bible studies and prayer groups. Thank God for the tears of joy in receptions and events, and remember those who have grieved in that room.

That’s what a building is. It is four walls to see God at work. We don’t celebrate buildings but we worship a God who is above and beyond. Yet, ministry happens in spaces like the room formerly called D-Amp.

D-Amp is getting a complete renovation. Come to the Congregational Meeting on Sunday, November 5 at 3:00pm and hear Joel Elwood announce the room’s new name. Joel will also lead a walk-through of the construction on Sunday.

What will be new in the room?

The room was completely gutted—drywall, lighting, carpet, A/C, electrical wiring, amphitheater style seating. All that was left was concrete and studs in the walls.

  • The 40-year-old air conditioning system is receiving a total replacement.
  • Two metal supporting posts required additional footers and steel supports. The renovation brought to light the need for this structural upgrade.
  • All new audio-visual equipment.
  • All new stage and sound booth.
  • New foyer and check-in areas for kids.
  • New color schemes, flooring, paint, seating, and design elements.

This will be an amazing room . . . ready for another 40 years of ministry beginning in January.

The Elders approved the 2017 Thanksgiving Offering to go toward the extra costs for the room. In order for Kids Church (KC) to use the room asap, we are moving forward with the renovation. Give as you can. Mark your donation with “Thanksgiving Offering” or by texting “thanksgiving” to 714-699-9994.

Costs are being carefully controlled through sifting “wants” from “needs.” Multiple bids are used. Congregational leaders are reviewing the plans and bids. This is a solid process.

Yes, we have the cash to do the most needed work. As you continue to participate financially, we will extend the amount of renovations that we can do!

David Fletcher
Executive Pastor


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