Unto Us

In a world filled with the forgotten, the forgetful, the voiceless and the vociferous—in a world desperate for significance and meaning—the dividing lines are canyon deep.

Humanity spirals, broken and unable to make itself whole.

That was the scene Jesus entered 2000 years ago in the byways of Bethlehem. And that is the scene Jesus enters today. Unto us, Jesus comes.  

Jesus—fully God and fully human—arrives to reconcile and restore. Perfect Light bursts into the darkness of night. Hope cuts through despair.

Full stop. We mark time differently before Christ and after Christ. The spiral changes directions the moment angels light up the sky proclaiming the Savior’s birth.

Peace is possible. Hope is here. Salvation is in our midst. Emmanuel—God with us—steps into time, with us and for us. Whoever we are, wherever we are, whatever labels we wear, the gift of grace is being offered to each and every one. 

Jesus comes . . . unto us.


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