Aiming to Live Like Christ

I don’t know about you but this has been a whirlwind of a year. We are just on the heels of an amazing weekend of Christmas Blvd, where thousands heard the incredible story of Jesus. So much has taken place this year and if you will recall, God provided a wonderful gifted teacher and shepherd in Darin McWatters. It’s hard to believe that Darin has been with us for eight months already.

In that time the elders have been praying and thinking about our next steps. We have been very conscious of taking things slow but not standing still. In this process over the last eight months, one of the main areas we have been discussing is our mission as a church.

Empowered by the Holy Spirit, EvFree is a loving community, united in sacrifice and living like Christ for the glory of God. For over 60 years, this is who we’ve been, and it continues to be our goal. We are very excited about what God will do in 2018 and hope that you will join us in praying for how God will use each one of us in the years ahead.

Over the next week in Ears to Hear each member of our Elder Board will be sharing some thoughts and passages about that mission. We recognize that the only way for the Kingdom to be expanded and our lives to be transformed is by the work and power of the Holy Spirit first and foremost. We are and desire to be loving to everyone that we come in contact with, to be known for our love of God and people (the two greatest commandments). Darin has emphasized being united by sacrifice since he came, and we want to be a people who graciously and willingly unite by sacrificing our time, energy, money and preferences. Living like Christ is a tall order and it encompasses so much, so we look to His example through Scripture and strive to be more like Him and we do it all for His glory!

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In His service,

Fred Ouderkerken
Elder Board Chairman

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