Celebrating God’s Gift to the World

The reason for hosting Christmas Blvd and the Walk Through Bethlehem is simple. We want the community to experience the birth of Jesus, the Light of the world. We are a church that loves our community.

Over 21,000 people came this year, up from 15,000 last year. 9,194 people heard a fresh and creative presentation of the gospel in the Walk Through Bethlehem, up from 7,001 last year. We went out on faith when we extended the event from three nights to four. It was a huge stretch of volunteers and resources. This may have been the biggest event our church has ever hosted. With your prayers, God empowered us and the community arrived in the tens of thousands.

Thanks to the 600 workers, including 125 actors in the Walk. So many served God each night. So many brought friends, family, neighbors and coworkers. Months of planning and prep work centered on these four nights. It took the entire congregation to make this happen. We all sacrificed! Thanks to all for your time, energy and finances.

This is what Christmas is about, sharing the best story ever told. The community felt warmly welcomed, loved, had so much fun in a safe environment and heard the story of the birth of Jesus.

Christmas Blvd and the Walk Through Bethlehem was an amazing Christmas gift!

David Fletcher
Executive Pastor

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