Christmas Blvd Gratitude

At the reception desk, I have the honor of hearing people’s gratitude and praise for the Christmas Blvd experience.  One day, the phone rings. I answer, “Good morning. EvFree Fullerton. How may I direct your call?”

“Is Christmas Blvd going on this weekend, as well?” a woman asks with contagious enthusiasm. “I was there last night, and now I want to bring my mother! This is the BEST Christmas event I’ve ever been to!”  

Unfortunately, I had to be the bearer of bad news, “I’m so happy you were able to come to Christmas Blvd and be blessed! I’m sorry, though, Sunday was the last day.”

“But . . .” I heard the tone of her hope plop.

Immediately I swooshed beneath her sinking heart to encourage her anticipation for next December’s event. “I hope you, your mother and all of your family and friends will be able to attend our next Christmas Blvd!”

“Definitely!” she declares. “Thank you so much to EVERYONE who made this happen!”

It is my joy to be at the receiving end of many calls of expressed gratitude to every single person who was involved with giving the gift of Christmas Blvd. Well done, EvFree!

—Shared by Tausha DeMoss

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