Gifts for Our Neighbors, Far and Near

We have a history of being a generous people. Whenever we hear of a legitimate need we are eager to be an example to our families of sacrificial love for others.

This season we have a great opportunity to again model our kingdom values to our family and the world.

Clothes of all sizes donated this season will be sent to Mongolia where our Christian partners will give them to families who have fled from North Korea and live in deep poverty outside the city. Your personal clothing and shoes will be given in Jesus name to bring relief and an opportunity for them to hear the gospel. Some of the clothes are also sold at a thrift store that employs persecuted Mongolian believers and funds a ministry for an entire year.

At the same time we provide food, clothing and helpful resources to families in need in our community. Donated food items will go to prepare weekly nourishing meals for families at El Dorado motel, the homeless in La Palma Park and given to those that come daily to our Good Samaritan Center.

Let’s raid our closets and pantries and again show some love to those far and near in the name of Jesus.

Food items such as cans of stew, chili, tuna, chicken or fruit; pasta, peanut butter, boxes of crackers, hamburger helper, oatmeal packets, mac & cheese, and mashed or scalloped potatoes are particularly needed. The collection bins are located in the Chapel parking lot and open for contributions on Sunday mornings, during office hours (8am–5pm M–F), and at Christmas Blvd. Donations will be collected until January 7, 2018.


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