Making Their Mark on the Family Room

It all started with a generous gift. A couple in our church felt led to give to the Thanksgiving offering to help with the cost of creating the fabulous new Family Room. As they talked more about their donation they realized the Holy Spirit was laying a plan on their hearts to use their donation to create a unique giving opportunity for our EvFree Kids.

This is how the Make Your Mark project was born. The idea was simple: any child who was interested would check out $10 of seed money that would be used to create some type of “business” with the hope of multiplying the original $10 and then donating all their earnings back to the Thanksgiving offering. We encouraged the kids to be creative, have fun, involve their families and friends. As a team we were so excited to offer this opportunity to our kids. We are constantly sharing with the kids that, no matter what your age, God has a part for all of us to play in His Big Story, and there are so many ways that He calls us to love, serve and care for each other. The Make Your Mark project was a perfect way for them to get involved, step out in faith, and learn what it means to be a good steward.

It turns out we were not the only ones who were excited about this project. Sophie started making ornaments to sell before she even checked out the seed money. Jane had a hot chocolate stand within hours of receiving her envelope. Luke, well here’s what Luke’s Mom had to say about what he did:

I love the “seed money” idea … such a tangible way for our 2nd grader to invest in a room where he’ll worship and fellowship. We had some birch logs in our firewood pile that I thought would make cute ornaments. So, Luke and his grandfather sliced up the logs and sanded each piece. We transferred Christmas images on the birch slices and sold Christmas ornaments to our family and friends. Luke and I had said it would be really cool if we could sell 20 ornaments and were able to give back $100 to the building fund. Instead, Luke sold 107 ornaments and turned in $440! He was so excited to return his money last week. We loved being a part of this project. 

Luke’s story captures so perfectly the heart of this project. It was about so much more than the money. It was about the excitement these precious kids had when they would share how God helped them to find creative ways to multiply what He had given them. It was about the giggles of three sweet girls as they sold their cookies, with the help of some dancing teddy bears, and shared with their neighbors all about the Family Room. It was about opportunity after opportunity for our dear kids to share with teachers, soccer coaches and a whole host of other people about how God is moving at EvFree. It was about experiencing what this season of giving is really about and who it is all for.

Our hope in EvFree kids is that our precious ones would know that we are all part of God’s big story. He has a role for each of us no matter how old we are and if we let Him, He will help us find so many ways to make our mark in His name. We are so thankful that this project was such a tangible way to help them experience the beauty of this truth.

Nikki Bridgeford
Kids Ministries & KC Director

Update: 31 kids have checked out seed money and so far they have turned in $1284!

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