God at Work in Christmas BLVD and The Walk

Christmas BLVD and The Walk Through Bethlehem are wonderful gifts that our church gives to our community. It was exciting to see 40% more people come this year! We had over 21,000 people come to Christmas BLVD and 9,194 join us in The Walk.

Send me your story about this exciting ministry. How did God work through the people you brought or what you experienced? It would be so good to hear from you; email

More exciting than the numbers are the stories … here are a few that we have so far … but we need your story too!

  • We enjoyed Christmas BLVD and The Walk Through Bethlehem so much. We went on Thursday to see Bethlehem and came back the last night … carolers in the coffee shop and the sing-a-long in the big auditorium. We told many of our friends and they made sure to visit too.
  • Beyond anything else what speaks to me about the heart and health of the church is that there are so many families with special needs and adopted kids. It is really commendable. My legs are a bit sore from all the squats to lift kids today but my heart is full from helping Santa spread a bit of joy.
  • I went to your Christmas BLVD on Friday night and went through the Bethlehem Walk and when I got to the end, I felt so uplifted. Thank you for providing that for me at this crazy, erratic time of the year. It was just what I needed.
  • We both felt like the manger scene was so intimate and the kids loved getting up close to see the baby … felt like humanity. When we left, our 4-year-old had one thing to say, “I want to do the adventure again!”
  • I’m having the time of my life being involved!
  • For our family, it was a joy to see God at work among our church as we hosted our guests all over the campus. Our friends and family attended and responded positively in ways we never would have dreamed.
  • An exciting thing this year was that two members hatched the idea of a Prayer Station—and then did the work. It exceeded our expectations. The 75+ people who were prayed for illustrated how folks will respond to the sign, Want Prayer?

As we consider doing Christmas BLVD and The Walk next December, your thoughts are of great value. I would love to hear your story;

David Fletcher
Executive Pastor

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