Learning to Worship at Work

Work As Worship Retreat

Buzz goes the stubbornly consistent alarm clock. Five times each work week, with merciful snooze button extensions not included, that sonic interruption of snoozing awakens us at least 20 times a month, and 250 times in a typical year to launch us into our work day. From that moment on, we all have the choice to worship God with the way we think, live, and love for the rest of the day.

For me, that still includes a traditional 8-5, Monday-Friday workday complete with all the trappings of the prototypical workplace (commuting, neckties, office politics, and lots of emails). In the midst of that daily deluge of responsibility, while giving my best for a paycheck, at what point do I press pause to offer ceaseless praise to God who deserves that much more than my individual commitment to an employment contract?

Every day, we have an opportunity to be the bridge between the sacred and the secular as living examples of worship in our workplaces. Worship and work do not have to be mutually exclusive. When we wake up on Monday morning, God is no less worthy of our praise than He was on Sunday mornings when we gathered together as a church family. We know that God is more interested in our hearts of worship than He (thankfully) is in how well I may, or may not be on key while singing. At our places of work, doesn’t it follow that He would still be just as interested in our heart and not as concerned about the misspelling in that memo, or the overflowing email inbox? He deserves the priority of our heart and mind above and beyond any work or life situation.

Right-sizing our perspectives as believers in the professional world is one of many topics that will be covered by Patrick Lencioni, Matt Chandler, and a bevy of CEOs at the first Work as Worship retreat taking place on February 23. Join us for a satellite simulcast of the live event hosted by EvFree Fullerton starting at 7:30am in the Chapel.

Craig Petinak

Craig is an active member of the Becoming One Adult Fellowship and Community Group Ministry Lead Team and aims to spend his days worshipping at the Riverside County Office of Education where he serves as Director of Communications.

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