Let it Rain!

I love the freshness—the newness—rain brings, especially in a drought-stricken state. I love the rain-purified air, the washed-clean landscape and the new greenery that springs forth. 

So I’ve been praying for rain in our church. Not a leak in the roof but a supernatural downpour inside our church body.

I’ve prayed we would be refreshed and aware of our newness. I’ve prayed for clean air, debris to be washed away and new signs of life to emerge. 

Before Pastor Darin came I thought the renewal might come with his arrival. But I was wrong. Yes, he has provided refreshment and shepherding, but the ‘rain’ was already here waiting for us to step into it . . . 

God, may we choose to walk in the newness You are offering today.
May we choose hope.
May we choose kindness.
May we choose the two-fisted life of truth and grace.
May we choose an ongoing posture of gratitude.
May we choose to pray for and with one another.
May we choose to practice patience.
May we choose to abide in Jesus, bearing fruit not of our own effort but of His work in us.
May we choose the gracious word over the expedient word.
May we choose the humble, gentle way. And may we walk wisely in it.
May we choose compassion in our speech and in our silence.
May we choose to be generous, to show honor, to bless, to rejoice with the rejoicing and to grieve with the grieving.
May we choose to live peaceably . . . with everyone.
May we choose to forgive and to restore.
May we choose to walk in the rain of Your promises, and may we welcome the new mercies You shower on us daily.

And, God, may each sprout of new growth be a sign of Your faithful presence with us.

Kristen Hartman

Kristen is involved in Women’s and Prayer Ministries. She loves to write and recently contributed the creative text framing our Christmas theme “Unto Us.”


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