We Send Our Best!

I want instant results. I like fast food. I take nonstop flights. I drive a fast car. But not all things can happen quickly. Some good things take time – lots of time. Growing and launching effective missionaries is one of those long-simmering processes. This year our church is sending out ten new missionary units. And it didn’t happen overnight. It has been years in the making. It has taken a church community that has been faithful to serve in our kids and youth ministries. It has taken sacrificial giving to keep the doors open and the lights on. It has taken staff that has faithfully served over time. But when we see the results we can celebrate together. Because we have all sacrificed and served together, the gospel will be lived and proclaimed in dark areas of the world. Let me introduce you to our newest missionaries:

Micah Parker grew up in our Sunday School, kids clubs and youth ministries. He excelled at SDSU in Engineering but chose to take a gap year in Puerto Rico sharing his faith with students and discipling new believers. He is so passionate about his faith and so bold and winsome in his ministry skills that we are delighted to support him as a church missionary. Micah gets married next Saturday to a wonderful partner, Lauren, who has the same passion. They will be starting their ministry in San Diego with the goal of serving in universities in Latin America.

Thomas Kirven made a decision to follow Christ as a local high school student and was discipled by men and women in our church. He cut his teeth in ministry on the streets of downtown Fullerton learning how to partner with others in engaging the lost. Thomas is married to Rachel, a missionary kid with a love for Jesus and together they have been a part of our church family. They will be leaving soon for Oxford, England where they will be actively and intentionally engaged in evangelism and discipleship.

Michael Shimada is also a product of our church from his earliest days. Graduating from UCLA last year he felt called to take the next two years to help lead the Christian ministry on campus. Michael loves to engage students in spiritual conversations and disciple new believers.

Let’s celebrate together that God is moving in our midst, drawing people to Himself, transforming them and giving them a passion for the world!

Dan Crane
Missions Pastor

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