Getting Help in a Time of Need

Sometimes we just need someone to talk to, a listening ear and a dose of wisdom to help sort out the challenges of life. For many, the expense of professional counseling can seem like a burden and can prevent us from getting help. At EvFree, we’ve solved that problem.

EvFree’s Peer Counseling program is a FREE, time-limited (10-15 sessions), peer support program, using same sex counseling relationships for individual adults. This is a great place to get help on personal, family or work issues and is available to both members and the community-at-large. We’re grateful to say that over the last 30 years, 2500 people have gone through this process!

Located on our North Campus, the Peer Counseling Center consists of seven private counseling rooms and is available year-round. The peer counseling program relies on “peer” counselors who are non-professional member volunteers that have gone through a yearlong training in counseling, and once active, continue in weekly supervision sessions. The training program for our peer counselors requires an entire year and is done in three phases. Once underway, each peer counselor spends about 3 hours weekly as their ministry; two hours seeing counselees and one hour in supervision. Over 40 peer counselors have gone on to graduate school and receive their counseling licenses, so this is a great way to check out if your current interest in counseling could actually be turned into a ministry career!

This year’s training program will start March 4 and will be held on Sunday mornings at 11:15am in the Chapel through June 10. (No meetings will be held on Easter or Mother’s Day).

March 4 (11:15am) – Dave Carder:  Q&A, Informational Meeting
March 11 (11:15am) – Dave Carder: Anatomy of an Affair – Recovering from Emotionality Infidelity
March 18 (11:15am) – Dr. Earl Henslin: The Connection Between Brain Trauma, Aging & Behavior

No pre-registration is required; just attend one of the first 2 meetings in March. If you feel a call to helping others through peer counseling or simply want to learn more about the topics above, I encourage you to attend.

Dave Carder
Pastor of Counseling Ministry

If you’re going through a difficult season of life, call Cheri Ross at 714-257-4330 to set up an intake appointment with Dave Carder.

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