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Intergenerational Men Talking

The Bible is full of examples of keeping traditions from one generation to the next; from Passover in Exodus, Deuteronomy’s Feasts, to the taking of Communion in the Gospels. In all, the goal is always to join as community, remember God’s goodness, and celebrate God’s faithfulness. As modern believers, the importance rhythms of remembrance still remain and are still impactful. Tim Kling, who has long been a part of our EvFree family, had this very experience with the Men’s Steak Fry:

“I remember my dad taking my brothers and me to the steak fry as a kid. I was definitely too young to glean much from the speaker or general proceedings. I do remember the sense of this not exactly feeling like church. It was louder, it was funny at times, the singing suited my voice better, and it was outside. The sense of being in the company of men was natural. All that, and I still got to enjoy a good steak and a great night out with my dad. I suppose the simple moments in life are often the ones that we remember best. In some ways, it feels like those days are gone, and yet my own son has much the same perceptions as I did all those years ago.”

Men, we want you to find your place of connection at EvFree so come have a steak with us! Our Men’s Steak Fry is Friday, March 10th at 5:00pm on the Plaza. Tickets can be purchased online or on the Plaza at the Men’s Ministry booth.

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