Why Membership?

Today, it is so easy to become a member of anything: Netflix, 24-Hour Fitness or even a political party. In the membership-happy mess of this world, it may seem that becoming a church member is simply adding another subscription to your life, another form to check “yes” on, another monthly service to receive.

However, the picture painted for us in the Bible of membership is starkly different. We are one body, one temple, one family. Could you say that you know this church and its people as intricately as one of your hands knows the other? Or like you know your mom’s favorite food, or that one funny story your brother tells at every holiday? If you answered “no,” you are in great company! Becoming part of a church family is a life-long journey of learning, growing and connecting—a process that is never truly completed.

Join us in this process by coming to OnRamp, a class to help you learn about our EvFree Fullerton family. It happens every Sunday above The Well during the 11:30am service. And if you want to say “yes” to church membership our next class is April 22, 1:30-4:30pm in NC190. Free snacks and drinks will be provided. To register click here or for more information visit

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