A Place of Provision

Food at a wooden dining table

On Sunday we will be celebrating Easter, and the title of my message is “A Place of Provision.” We will be looking at how Christ offers His body and blood for us as the only way to resurrection life. In His death and resurrection, He makes provision for the greatest need of mankind in rescuing us from sin and death.

But there is another way in which the table is a place of provision and I don’t want us to miss it. In Matthew 25:31-40, Jesus says that when we give food, water, friendship and clothing to those around us, we essentially give it to Him! It’s pretty common for us to think about all that Christ has given to us, but I don’t find myself often thinking about what I can provide for Jesus. When we come to the table as followers of Christ and pass the mashed potatoes to our fellow men and women in need, Jesus says it’s the same thing as us passing the mashed potatoes to Him. And to emphasize the fact that He is desirous of that provision to others on His behalf, He says that those who provide in this way will be inheritors of the Kingdom of God and blessed by the Father.

I’ve realized in the last year that church people at EvFree love potlucks! In fact, we have an all church potluck coming up on Sunday, April 8th. We find joy in bringing what we have and sharing it with others. It’s fun to taste other people’s recipes and to enjoy the conversation at a shared table where we all contributed. But the potluck dinner is only the beginning of the broader picture of Christ’s church bringing what we have and sharing it.

There are thousands of hungry, thirsty, lonely and hurting people in our city who would love to taste our enchilada casserole of kindness, our green jello of generosity and our bucket of Kentucky Fried joy. We just have to invite them to the table! Because when we provide for our neighbors, we provide for our King. When we make provision for others, we echo His greater, eternal provision for us.

Darin McWatters

Darin McWatters

Darin is our Senior Pastor and loves to take people out to lunch at Curry Hut, Fuoco Pizzeria, and Cabo Grill.

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