A Weekend To Remember

Weekend To Remember Conference

Our marriage was falling apart. We’d been going to counseling for several years, and were both committed to Christ and to not divorcing. But it was still a major struggle and we were both hurt, angry and divided. We even chose to “separate” – while staying in the same home. We each bought our own food and laundry detergent, slept in different rooms, and even put black tape down the middle of the inside of the refrigerator to separate “his” side from “her” side. Irma suggested going to the Weekend to Remember marriage conference. I (Ken) thought it was a waste – we were already spending money on weekly counseling. But we decided to go and God touched our hearts in a massive way. He broke down walls we had built up in our hearts and brought us to apologize and forgive each other. It was the turning point for us. Since then we have led couples Bible studies, retreats, and for the last 12 years led a weekly class on healthy marriages called the Third Option. God, in His amazing kindness, not only healed our relationship but gave us the gift of helping other couples. We’re so glad we went to that conference!

Irma and Ken Morris

The Weekend to Remember conference is back in town April 27-29. Married, engaged or seriously dating couples are welcome! EvFree couples will each get $100 off their conference price by using the Group Code: evfreethrives. Come join us! Click here to register for more info or contact Cheri Ross at 714-257-4330.

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