Celebration At The Table

faith and trust - celebration at the table

It’s tough to celebrate by yourself.

Raising a glass to toast a momentous occasion is extremely difficult to achieve alone. And I can tell you that it draws some very strange glances from across the restaurant!

Every athletic or professional victory I’ve enjoyed in my first four decades has been greatly enhanced by sharing it with those who joined me in the journey. And birthdays, weddings or anniversaries? They are celebratory because of who we rub elbows with next to us, and whose eyes we get to look into across from us. Those celebrations are all about who you’re seated at the table with.

Which leads me to think about who sits at the head of my table of life.

When I’m celebrating, to whom am I giving the credit for the accomplishment? Beyond the moment, is the ultimate joy of my celebration rooted in how God was with me on that journey—regardless of the outcome? Every celebration around beautiful wooden tables today is ultimately rooted in the sacrifice of our Savior who was nailed to a tree at Golgotha. The death and resurrection of Christ is the true cause for celebration—both at Easter and throughout the year.

But what about the people we celebrate with today on Earth who aren’t aware of the greater celebration beyond? Whether they are friends, neighbors or strangers with whom we find ourselves seated at a table, are we also sharing the Bread of Life? Do they know what is available to them when they take a place at the Lord’s Table by entering into a relationship with Him? It’s up to us to share that the splinters from the cross are what led to the splendor of the Resurrection.

And that’s something to celebrate together.

Craig Petinak

Craig is a marketing communications professional who has been celebrating and serving at EvFree Fullerton with his wife and two daughters since 2000. (The photo above is Craig’s contribution to our Table.)

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