Easter 2018: A Place At The Table

Throughout human history, God has met His people in a unique way at the table. Whether announcing the arrival of a long awaited son, providing manna in the desert, miraculously producing the best wine at the end of a celebration, or simply cooking a breakfast of fish on the beach, God has always had something profound to say over a meal. For followers of Christ the table is a symbol of community, celebration, remembrance, and provision that we simply must not overlook.

This year as we approach our celebration of Easter, we will be reflecting on God’s grace in inviting each of us to a unique place at the table, His sacrificial provision there of all that we need, and His encouragement that we share what He has provided with others as we invite them to find their place at the table as well.

As an expression of this theme (both artistically and practically), we have already begun work on crafting an actual table. Our intention is to use this table as both a symbol of our individual “place” at the table as well as a practical invitation for community. Starting next week, our completed table will be on display on campus in our Fireside Room and made available for YOUR participation. We are encouraging individuals, friends, families to reserve our table to share a meal together here at EvFree. As part of that meal time, there will be an opportunity to actually carve into the table a word or symbol that describes your own faith walk. We will also be creating opportunities for people with less connection to our church to be included among our family. EVERYONE is invited to participate over the next month and we hope you will choose to make your presence known.

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