A Place At The Table: Passionate Evangelism

Passionate Evangelism

I was born again and baptized at EvFree (November 22nd, 2015). I went back to school at Grand Canyon University and my entire life dramatically changed. Shortly, I returned back to my family in Southern CA after completing my junior year at Grand Canyon University in Phoenix, Arizona. When I came back, I felt the Lord calling me to be part of the college group at EvFree Fullerton. I transferred the rest of my classes online so I could join the ministry and I signed up for one of the house groups. I tried leaving the college ministry several times since 2016 because I wasn’t sure if “church” was my thing. In fact, I actually left a few times. However, I continued to have a relentless feeling that I was running from where the Lord had called me to be. Eventually, I stopped doubting and bought into the community God was calling me to. I now currently serve as a volunteer in the college ministry and believe wholeheartedly that I have found my purpose here at EvFree!

What do you bring to the table?

God has given me a passion for evangelism. My dream is to be able to take my testimony into the schools of California and elsewhere to share of Jesus Christ’s love and forgiveness. I have hope that this next generation will experience God in intimate and powerful ways and come to know Him.

Edgar serves in the College ministry at EvFree.Share your story

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