Annual Elder Affirmations

Elder Nominees: Justin White, Steve Eckberg, Dave Kennedy and Jonathan Balzora

Everything about the role of an “Elder” is biblical—from the term to its definition to the character of the men worthy of the title. According to Scripture, an elder is one who gives spiritual oversight and who leads and shepherds the flock. (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3)

At EvFree Fullerton, elders are selected and then affirmed for a two-year term and may be eligible for a second term. An elder can hold the same position for a maximum of four years, then he would either need to rotate off the board for at least one year or be asked to serve in a different position such as chairman, vice chairman or elder at large.

Sunday, May 6, just a few weeks away, is the date for our annual affirmation of men for the position of elder within our church. We started the process earlier this year to help you get acquainted with those men who are willing to serve, men the congregation recommended for the position back in December.

The nominating committee was formed and led by Paul Burke and worked diligently to give us our current slate. We have three returning elders and one new elder on our list. Steve Eckberg (Vice Chairman), Jonathan Balzora and Dave Kennedy all agreed to serve another two-year term. Justin White would be our newcomer to the board.

These men went through the examination of the nominating committee, the staff and the current elder board. Our new elder, Justin, was also asked to fill out a four-page questionnaire and, along with his wife Jamie, was interviewed by the Elder Board. After being affirmed by all of the parties listed above we are asking you as the congregation to affirm the character and qualifications of each man for the position of elder. We introduced them at the Congregational meeting on March 4. Our expectation is that if there is a hesitation on your part to affirm these men that you would have plenty of time to make your concerns known to Darin or me. Please study the biblical qualifications of an elder in 1 Timothy 3:1-13 and make your discernment based on those qualifications. Visit here for the elder board nominee bios.

I would ask that you pray for these men who are willing to sacrifice so much of their time to serve you and this body by leading. I am thrilled with the diversity, the wisdom and the godly character of this board and hope that on May 6 each of you would joyfully affirm these wonderful men who love Jesus and you. I would also like to thank Geoff Smith for his faithful service on the Elder Board these last two years, as he finishes his term. If you have questions about the process please email us here.

Fred Ouderkerken, Chairman


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