Jump-Up Sunday

There I stood, on the edge, heart pounding, palms sweating weighing my next move carefully. With one more look around I took a deep breath and lept! Thankfully, I jumped right into a set of loving arms that had been waiting to catch me. I don’t think I will ever forget the anticipation of the jump followed by the comfort of knowing there was someone to catch me on the other side.

On Sunday, June 3 kids across our campus are going to be jumping into new experiences of their own. It’s Jump Up Sunday and it’s the day that our kids move into their new grade levels/classrooms. It’s a day filled with excitement and anticipation, but the one thing that makes all the difference is knowing that as they jump they will land safely in the arms of people with smiling faces ready to greet them and walk with them on their journey of discovering who Christ is and how much He loves them!

Would you consider being those arms for our kids? We have a variety of ways to serve and we would love for you to jump in with us.

For more information about serving in Kids Ministry, complete the EvFree Kids Volunteer Information form or email Miriam Mohler.

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