Welcome to Aalborg

In the cold coastal Danish city of Aalborg God is at work building His Church today using people from the warm coastal church of EvFree Fullerton. Ten years ago Lee Hanson left our fellowship and has planted Koinonia International Christian Fellowship, a church community where they gather both internationals and Danes and worship in English. When Koinonia began several years ago, the majority attending were single students. Now there are also several young families with kids.

As a tool to reach out to the international community, we started an organization – Aalborg International Friends (AIF). International university students are a primary target group, but we also conduct ‘family friendly’ activities hoping to attract young families. During the Love Europe initiative two years ago a team from EvFree Fullerton joined Koinonia in every area of life and ministry for two weeks. Jonathan Neal had his connections with the Conservatory so he could have a couple of workshops there. The team helped out at the official Orientation for International Students and hosted a “Welcome to Aalborg” event where the team had an opportunity again interact with new students. During the week we also visited the University cafeteria making contact with students and visited the homes of Koinonia families building up and encouraging one another.

This year, Jonathan Neal is gathering a team to go back to Aalborg. The team needs musicians who will interact with students and use music as one of the tools God uses to open doors of opportunity to build relationships so the gospel can be shared. If you would like to apply for this or any of our other short term teams visit here.

Lee Hanson

Lee Hanson, Missionary in Aalborg, Denmark

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