A Special Ministry, A Special Lady

EvFree Fullerton Special Needs Ministry

In 1992, our church broke ground on a new arena of ministry specifically geared toward reaching and supporting our friends and families with special needs. This new ministry was led by our very own Connie Hutchinson, who through her own journey as a parent with a special needs child, developed a deep passion and vision to team with and support families in the same situation, providing a safe place for their kids to learn about Jesus and an opportunity for them to get connected into the larger church family.

This vision continued to expand in 2001 when Connie rallied our church around Royal Family Kids Camp–a camp designed to give foster kids, ages 6-12, a week of positive memories and royal treatment in a Christian camp environment. This passion grew into a vital ministry of our church and blossomed into many more events and initiatives specifically geared to caring for foster kids in our community with the love of Christ. It goes without saying that we LOVE Connie and are SO grateful for her willingness to trust the Lord in leading this ministry over the past 25 years!

A few months ago, Connie let me know that although her passion and love for this ministry has not slowed down, her stage of life, desire to have more time to be a grandma, and time spent in prayer with Mike, has led her to decide to retire from her role in June 2018. We are sad to lose Connie in this role but are deeply thankful for all she has poured into this ministry over the years. We are also thrilled to announce that we have hired two people who Connie has personally invested in. Alise Ramseyer, who has been Connie’s associate for the past few years, will continue to breathe life and passion into the Special Needs ministry and Becca Stavert, who also has worked for Connie in the past and is currently a ministry assistant on our church staff, will oversee our Foster Care Ministry.

In an effort to give glory to God for the work that He has done in and through Connie Hutchinson at EvFree, we would love to invite you to join us for a “Celebration of Connie” on Sunday, May 20th from 4:00-5:00pm in the Commons. Join us as we thank Connie, get to hear from some dear friends and family, and enjoy a light dessert in her honor.

Scott Belon - EvFree Fullerton

Scott Belon, Heritage Ministries Pastor

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