The Value of VBS


I sometimes have to pinch myself when I realize part of my job is dreaming up a world of dragons and knights, kings and queens. Costumes, games, pies-in-the-face, new friends, and lasting truths … all of these things play a piece in VBS.

Over the years, VBS has become a common household name. For many, it probably brings up memories of goldfish snacks, name badges, and a LOT of children.

However, VBS also may be the only time a student hears these truths: There is a God, He fiercely loves you, He offers you salvation and freedom, and your life will never be the same if you accept His invitation.

Through generations, this week has continuously brought people from various walks of life together–all with the goal of helping kids know and love Jesus. This is a week centralized on the saving grace of the gospel message. We get to loudly and confidently proclaim the name of Jesus!! And while this week is certainly about students experiencing Jesus and deepening their faith, it is also so much bigger than just the kids! It is about those who have painted signs, donated snacks, and prayed consistently.

It is about the kids who handed out flyers or told neighbors. It is about the kids who come and for the first time feel acceptance, joy, and the love of God. It is about both adults and kids who are excited about their faith and share with their friends and neighbors.

It is about the incredible truth that Jesus deeply loves us, and us stepping into the call to proclaim this truth.

Listen, this article is not a secret ploy begging for volunteers. This is an invitation. Your involvement in VBS, regardless of title or position, is a massive win for the Kingdom of God. It was during a week much like this that I first heard about Jesus. I know firsthand the huge implications this week can have on someone’s life. I am so passionate about giving students the same opportunity.

So, I invite you to Kingdom Chronicles–a land filled with dragons, castles, royal kings and queens, brave knights, and daring adventures! Will you join us this summer?

Cassie Koepf, 5th/6th Ministry Director


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