Royal Family Kid’s Camp

In 2001, EvFree Fullerton embarked on an entirely new adventure – a quest to love and embrace a population that is often unseen, forgotten and abused – Royal Family Kid’s Camp.

At the close of 2016, there were over 437,000 children registered in the foster care system. Over 3,000 of these children live in Orange County alone. Over the last 18 years, our church has decided we will not stand still – but we will join together and we will choose to “love the fatherless” through the relationships and fun found in a week of camp.

Will you join us in being the loving family of God to our campers? Come visit us on the Plaza for the next 3 Sundays before camp begins and pick up a birthday bag or a prayer bracelet. Let’s circle our campers with the love of the Father.


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