Hebrews Response Sunday

Hebrews Response Sunday

Last August, we started on a journey through the book of Hebrews and introduced the idea of a “Modern Faith Anchored By Ancient Truth.” As we come to the end of the book soon, we wanted to give ourselves some time and space to reflect on the impact of this study. On Sunday May 27th […]

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Annual Elder Affirmations

Everything about the role of an “Elder” is biblical—from the term to its definition to the character of the men worthy of the title. According to Scripture, an elder is one who gives spiritual oversight and who leads and shepherds the flock. (Titus 1:5-9, 1 Peter 5:1-3) At EvFree Fullerton, elders are selected and then […]

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Love Our Cities - Serve Day

Loving Our Cities

What would happen if the entire community came together to help one another—city government, businesses, residents, the faith community, service groups, schools and sports organizations? Join the movement of thousands of people coming together to Love our Cities as one community. On Saturday, April 28, in partnership with OC United, we invite you to join […]

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Food at a wooden dining table

A Place of Provision

On Sunday we will be celebrating Easter, and the title of my message is “A Place of Provision.” We will be looking at how Christ offers His body and blood for us as the only way to resurrection life. In His death and resurrection, He makes provision for the greatest need of mankind in rescuing […]

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Remembrance at the Table - Bread and Cup for Communion

Remembrance At The Table

There are days I feel like I forget more than I remember. My schedule gets packed so full and I get going so fast that I forget . . . to grab the dry cleaning, pay a bill, email a friend, brush my teeth! I can’t see the forest for the trees, and the trees […]

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faith and trust - celebration at the table

Celebration At The Table

It’s tough to celebrate by yourself. Raising a glass to toast a momentous occasion is extremely difficult to achieve alone. And I can tell you that it draws some very strange glances from across the restaurant! Every athletic or professional victory I’ve enjoyed in my first four decades has been greatly enhanced by sharing it […]

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Community At The Table

  The squat, round table stood overloaded with pastries from Porto’s, carriers of Starbucks’ coffee, homemade baked goods and more. The dozen of us encircling it received looks of surprise—our spread was a bit unexpected in a hospital waiting room. As we gathered around that table, my dad was on an operating table. His neurosurgeon […]

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A Place At The Table

Easter 2018: A Place At The Table

Throughout human history, God has met His people in a unique way at the table. Whether announcing the arrival of a long awaited son, providing manna in the desert, miraculously producing the best wine at the end of a celebration, or simply cooking a breakfast of fish on the beach, God has always had something […]

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Men's Steak Fry Logo

Men. Steak. Connection.

The Bible is full of examples of keeping traditions from one generation to the next; from Passover in Exodus, Deuteronomy’s Feasts, to the taking of Communion in the Gospels. In all, the goal is always to join as community, remember God’s goodness, and celebrate God’s faithfulness. As modern believers, the importance rhythms of remembrance still […]

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Why Membership?

Today, it is so easy to become a member of anything: Netflix, 24-Hour Fitness or even a political party. In the membership-happy mess of this world, it may seem that becoming a church member is simply adding another subscription to your life, another form to check “yes” on, another monthly service to receive. However, the […]

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