Giana's Story - Strength In Weakness

A Place At The Table: Strength In Weakness

What is your story? “I was born and raised Catholic. When I was six months old, I was held at the altar and my decision to follow God was made for me. Eventually, I severed my relationship with God completely because I never saw any value in building a relationship with him. Over six months […]

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God at Work in Christmas BLVD and The Walk

Christmas BLVD and The Walk Through Bethlehem are wonderful gifts that our church gives to our community. It was exciting to see 40% more people come this year! We had over 21,000 people come to Christmas BLVD and 9,194 join us in The Walk. Send me your story about this exciting ministry. How did God […]

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Christmas Blvd Gratitude

At the reception desk, I have the honor of hearing people’s gratitude and praise for the Christmas Blvd experience.  One day, the phone rings. I answer, “Good morning. EvFree Fullerton. How may I direct your call?” “Is Christmas Blvd going on this weekend, as well?” a woman asks with contagious enthusiasm. “I was there last […]

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Walk Through Bethlehem

The Walk Through Bethlehem is a wonderful gift that we give to our local community. Last year was our first Walk and over 7,500 people were immersed in the New Testament world. They heard a innovative presentation of the night of Christ’s birth. This year The Walk and Christmas Blvd. will be over four nights. […]

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God at Work

Our journey with the International Student Ministry began in 2007. After hearing a presentation in our adult fellowship, we were stirred to consider being an American Friend to an international student, and we realized “Hey, we could do this!” The Lord led us be an American Friend to a 22-year-old Indian girl who was studying […]

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Making Friends & Moving Couches

Why is there a big orange couch on the Community Groups brochure? I’ve been asked that question over and over as people look at our new publication. The answer is simple–a couch can illustrate quickly how deeply you are connected. Let’s try it. If you needed to move a couch, whom would you call? It’s […]

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Homeless, but not Hopeless

You’ve probably seen them. Tents pitched in corners, along overpasses, in the riverbeds. “Urban campers” is now a term assigned to the homeless around us. You’ve probably shaken your head and asked why something isn’t being done to either help them or remove them. But what? Homelessness is a complex issue with many contributing factors. […]

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Misson Complete

Last week, agents of all ages descended on our campus to be a part of our International Spy Academy a.k.a. Adventure Week. If anyone was looking for the evidence of God’s fingerprints during the week, they didn’t have to look far. Counselors and kids marching around campus dressed in a wide variety of themed attire, […]

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Love Your City 2017 Recap

Thank you EvFree for your participation in our city-wide serve day! This event helps us change how people think about us, both inside and outside the church. Inside the church because we are reminded of what happens when we step outside the walls of our building and bring our worship of the King out into […]

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Serving at the El Dorado Motel

Every week, generous volunteers prepare dinner, minister to, and serve the families and individuals in transition living at the El Dorado Motel. Hear from the volunteers and the El Dorado Motel residents whose lives have been changed through the relationships they’ve built with each other in the video below. Visit to learn how you […]

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