We all need a place where everybody knows our name. We were designed for relationship and we want everyone at EvFree to find the place where they can be known.

Small Life Groups (12–15 people) meet in homes during the week.

Adult Fellowships are larger Community Groups. They are caring communities of 40–120 people who meet Sunday mornings to strengthen and challenge one another to reflect the character of and participate in the mission of Jesus. Try several, as they are all different, and see which one is the place where you belong.

Once you try an Adult Fellowship, would you please give us your feedback on the experience here?

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Questions? Contact Katie Potesta or Marianne Werschke.

Adult Fellowships

If you need help knowing where groups meet on campus, here is a Campus Map.


Single Purpose—Commons, C212
Singles 35+. Anne Marie Perry.


Adelphians—Fireside Room
Bible teaching, hymn singing, “Sunshine Reports,” missions and missionary updates, social activities and cottage fellowships. Senior adults 65 and up. Craig Davies: 714-525-8406.

All Ages and Stages—North Campus, Room 190
Our purpose is to grow in Christ likeness and conformity to His Word and to stimulate each other to “love and good deeds.” We are mostly couples and singles 50s and up, but we have a few college students and young families. We value their input and gladly welcome all ages! Our teaching is sermon based with interactive discussions. Vicki Caldwell: 714-348-2244.

Bound By Grace—D Building, Room 201
A fellowship where God’s grace is shared generously as we fulfill our mission to “connect and mature believers, serve others, and honor God.” Couples mostly in their 30s. Karen & Andy Fiala.

BYKOTA Fellowship—Chapel
Known for our hospitality, class time includes prayer, Scripture-based lessons, singing and special topics. Couples and singles 60+. Kent Wilson: 714-522-0279.

Devoted—B Building, Room 208
This group is for couples that are seriously dating, engaged, or married less than five years. Join us as we get to know more about God and each other. Quincy & Daniel Austell.

Family Fellowship—North Campus 200, Multipurpose (Junior High) Room
Biblical teaching using a lecture format. A strong emphasis on caring for one another and serving others. Couples and singles 60+. Marianne & Dick Werschke: 714-635-5669.

Friends Becoming Family/Divorce Care—North Campus, Room 150             
An atmosphere of love, grace, fellowship and fun for those who have experienced a loss of relationship. Single parents, separated, divorced, widowed of any age are welcome; mostly those 40+. Jim Hawkins.

Generations—North Campus, Room 160
We are a multi-generational fellowship of singles and couples, the majority of whom are in their 50s to 70s, with all ages welcome. We emphasize Biblical teaching, small group prayer and fellowship on Sunday morning, as well as social activities and outings outside of class. Chuck Crawford: 714-525-6823.

Joint Heirs—North Campus, Room 180           
Known for dynamic teaching, interactive response and a heart for both local and global outreach. A welcoming Sunday Community that enjoys laughing together, praying together and doing life together. Class members mostly in their 60s. Pat Lampman.

New Community—North Campus, Room 200-228/229
We are learning from God’s Word, sharing our lives together in life groups, encouraging each other and praying for one another! We also have fun together in a variety of opportunities including reaching out to our community with service projects. We encourage you to come and visit! Mostly people in their 50s. Rick Alvord: 714-694-1577.

Prime Agers—North Campus, Room 120
Learning from God’s word, sharing our lives and needs, encouraging and praying for one another, and having fun in a variety of service and social settings. Couples and singles 45 to 85. Art Black: 714-256-5753.

Semper Fi—B Building, Room 201
Dedicated to authentic community, strengthening marriages and families and spiritual transformation. Couples in their 20s and 30s, mostly with small children. Kristianna & Eles Altamirano.

Sonlight—North Campus, Room 200-193/194
We focus on Biblical teaching, fellowship and prayer. Class members are mission-minded, get involved in service projects and participate in class social activities. Mostly late 50s and up. Cathy & Steve Foster.

Synergist—North Campus, Room 130
Primarily empty nesters and wanna-be’s, whose hearts ache for serving the Lord even more fervently than their bodies ache after exercise! Couples and some singles in their 50s and 60s. Everyone is welcome. Ron Mooradian.


ACTS 2—North Campus, Room 130
Authentic grace, Christ centered, together in fellowship, serving others. Singles and couples in their 40s and 50s. All are welcome! Jenny & Jim Durbin.

Agapetos—B Building, Room 201
Young married couples building relationships with each other and learning more about Christ while becoming closer with Him. Couples in their 20s. Joshua Atkinson.

@ Home . . . Among Friends—North Campus, Room 160
Biblical teaching on parenting, marriage and spiritual growth. Monthly social events as well. The parenting “range” of our members is junior high to empty nest. Melissa & John Wolfe.

Becoming One—The Commons, Room 212
A community committed to building up and supporting each other and our growing families through the maturing of our relationships with our Lord Jesus Christ. Couples mostly in their 30s and 40s. Riva & Will Lee.

Built to Last—North Campus, Room 110           
Fellowship time, prayer and sound biblical teaching—with a lot of fun mixed in, including regular social and outreach events and men’s, women’s and family oriented activities. Couples in their 40s and 50s. Carrie & Glen Fain.

Encouragement, Inc.—North Campus, Room 180
Laugh with us, learn with us, and love with us as we journey together in our faith. Mostly people in their 40s and 50s, but very young at heart. All ages are welcome. Joshua Pak.

Friendship Fellowship—North Campus, Room 150
Bible teaching and interaction, outings and socials for fun and fellowship as well as a Wednesday night Bible study. Couples and singles 60+. Lloyd Burger.

Ingathering—B Building, Room 208  
A smaller class with a close family feel. We welcome visitors to join us in worship with hymns and piano, in prayer and in Bible study—Acts 2:42. Couples in their 40s and 50s with children elementary through college. Robert Bell: 714-743-5337.

Life Together—Fireside Room
A sermon-based discussion group, deeply committed to our church paradigm of Follow–Connect–Go. We meet in smaller sub-groups for our sermon discussion and change the enrollment in these groups each year to foster a sense of inclusion. We like to make people feel right at home and part of the Body of Christ here at EvFree. Life Together is a great place to come if you are a first time visitor to our church. Ages 40+ but with some younger attendees (including college students). Shou Mo

Life Groups


Life Group—Home in Fullerton
Young adults. Kelsey Crowe.


Life Group—EvFree Fullerton
Michele Flores.

Life Group—Home in Whittier
Mark Bushyeager.

Life Group—Homes in La Mirada & Placentia
Josh Pixler.


Life Group—At EvFree Fullerton
Branches (for those born in the 80s). Amanda Gowin, Branden Kirk.