“Whoever has ears to hear, let them hear.”

Jesus would use this phrase after teaching His people. Similar phrases are used throughout the Bible to indicate the same idea. It was God’s way of telling His people to take an opportunity to reflect deeper on His words. He says that now to us—encouraging us to slow down, to sit with His words, and give our greatest attention to what He said. It can be difficult for us to follow God if we are not clear on what He is saying to us. All the more, when we seek Him, when we truly give our attention to God, our lives begin to transform.

We want to invite you on a journey of listening that we began on February 1, 2016. We encourage you to join our church in reading or listening to God’s Word every day. Imagine how God can change us individually and as a church if we are truly seeking His voice. The idea is to read one designated chapter or portion of Scripture per day all together. Many of our groups will use these daily readings to expand on their Bible studies or community efforts.

Join us by signing up for daily Ears to Hear emails to be sent to you. Each day you will be sent an email with the daily Scripture reading as well as a short reflection written by members our own church.

Let’s explore what God might have to say to us as we read and listen together.

(The the daily reading posts are in the New English Translation (NET), via YouVersion,

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