Follow. Connect. Go.

Church was never meant to be merely attended. God designed church to be a family of messy people following Jesus together. So we want to be that church: following Jesus as disciples, connecting with others as part of a spiritual family, and going into our world as missionaries. We’ve aligned our ministries to reflect this calling and invite you to explore how God would have you follow, connect, and go with us.

Following Jesus as a disciple is an all-encompassing lifestyle that rebels against the ways of the world. Like disciples in his day, our goal is to emulate Jesus in every aspect. Where a greedy world hoards, we radically give. Where the world chases celebrity, we seek humility. Where the world worships self, we surrender to God.

God doesn’t invite us into solitary discipleship. He invites us to follow him in the company of a living, breathing family. Like most families, we don’t get to pick who’s in or opt ourselves out. We believe the diversity of our family is beautiful and that true community is discovered in unexpected relationships. We embrace the messiness that relationship brings and commit ourselves to loving one another as true brothers and sisters.

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The church is primarily a missionary organization. God put his reputation in our hands and commanded us to make disciples. When we call ourselves Christians, by definition we point to Christ. For better or worse, how we live every day communicates what Christ is like. So we want to be intentional to bear his name well as neighbors, employees, friends, family members and citizens.