Who we are

We are a family of missionary disciples. As individuals we have been shown grace and extended salvation from God. As a community we are united by our identity and enriched by our diversity of age, ethnicity, and background. We believe church is who we are, not where we are.

What we do

We believe God has called us to follow Him in a journey of discipleship, connecting with others as part of a spiritual family, in order to go into the world as missionaries of His good news.


We follow Jesus as disciples. We seek to be transformed by God’s grace and Holy Spirit so that our hearts, minds, relationships and lifestyles increasingly reflect the character and mission of Jesus of Nazareth.


We connect with each other as a spiritual family, joining together in communities defined by the purpose, priorities and presence of Jesus Christ. Our various communities exist to:

  • love God and love others
  • make Jesus-followers of all nations
  • care for the poor, outcast and marginalized
  • re-orient our lives in worship, communion and baptism
  • equip believers for their ministries locally and globally
  • sit under the authority of God’s Word as it is regularly taught
  • reproduce kingdom people and kingdom communities
  • foster a partnership of generations to fulfill God’s mission in the world


We go into the world as missionaries. We are passionately convicted that as Christ-followers who bear his name, we are to participate with God’s work in the world and to pass along to others what God has given us.

What we believe

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