One of the major themes of the Gospel of John is love. But both God’s love for us and our love for God have a powerful catalytic effect on everyone they touch. Even from chapter one, while existing in perfect relationship, the Trinity's love becomes a catalyst for movement. Because of love, the Father sends His Son, in the flesh, to live among us. This selfless act created a chain reaction that continues to stir things up on Earth to this very day.

While the incarnation of Jesus is a clear demonstration of God’s love, it is also beautifully disruptive to our lives. In the best possible ways, His love for us leads us to uncomfortable places and challenging decisions in our lives. The love of God never leaves people where it finds them, and in that way it always stirs up trouble for those in complacent comfortable lives. Jesus asks His followers to leave behind their ambitions, vocations, and even families to follow Him, because of love!

As we study the life of Jesus through our examination of this book, our hope is that you will know the love of Jesus for you, and that the more you know His love, the more you’ll find your previous life of selfishness, fear, and heartache in serious trouble as well.


As we journey through the Gospel of John together, here are four simple questions that you can ask yourself in your daily reading time while using your John journal to write down the answers.

  1. What is happening in the narrative of scripture? How is the redemptive story unfolding in your reading?
  2. What is Jesus doing in this portion of of the text?
  3. If being a disciple is living a life like Jesus. How can we model what Jesus is doing?
  4. Sometimes we read something that doesn’t quite make sense. Was there anything confusing about the text? If so, ask someone in your Life Group, Adult Fellowship, Women’s Group, Youth Group, Men’s Collective etc.; what they thought about the text.

These are in are in no way the only questions that you might ask while reading the text, but use these four as a starting point when you are reading. The bible is a gift from God to the all the Church, and our hope is that we EvFree embrace this glorious gift.