Thanks for your interest in auditioning for the WORSHIP: Music Community Interest Choir . To serve in the orchestra, you must be consistently attending a Sunday service, committed to a lifestyle that is pursuing Jesus, and passionate about serving Jesus and this community here at Fullerton Free.

Requirements for orchestral instruments include:

  • Have a competent understanding of your instrument
  • Able to sight read sheet music
  • Play to a click track (a metronome)
  • Understanding the tone needed to fit various styles
  • Understanding how to properly blend with a band
  • Play excellently in front of others
  • Play in tempo
  • Play dynamically
  • Play on pitch
  • Demonstrate a basic understanding of improvisation and ad-libbing
  • Follow the direction of the leader’s interpretation of the song
  • Not play if a song requires it, or if asked by the team leader
  • Be willing to learn to use in-ear monitors
  • Understand your role as a member of the greater Fullerton Free music community and attend community nights

To audition for the orchestra, please fill out this application and someone from our Music Ministry staff will reach out to you.